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PETROTEC For general contracting is an international company engaged in the fields of Renewable Energy and Electrical Contracting with more than 15 years of experience in the market, The company operated by highly qualified and competent staff, which backed up by highly experienced specialized technical, this enables us to tailor a professional work team to give our customers the best possible service through all phases of a project .

PETROTEC has maintained its certification in compliance with :
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001-2018.
We are certified company from NREA Egypt

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General manager

• As the chairman of Board of Directors of PETROTEC, it is not only important for me to let you know what our company does, but why we do it.
• Our goal is both a reflection of my heart and our entire company, simply stated, is to bring the best experienced professionals to carry out the best services to our clients.
• We seek to fulfill this goal by honestly caring for our clients and employees in every decision we make to our clients.
• We aim to fulfill their goals and expectations by maintaining our services at the best and adjusting to client’s needs, while having a strong focus on quality and safety.
• To our employees, we are committed to consistent training and follow-up for continuous improvement for their performances to help ensure a positive work experience and open the door to them for promotions and job security, while letting them involved in planning and improvement of company performance.
• In addition, we offer a comprehensive benefit package and help them reaching their long-term goals to our community, we are committed to support the youth for employment opportunities through offering free trainings covering special job requirements, we identify the needs, collaborate with others in the community and take actions to help and support our community.
• PETROTEC could not exist without all those mentioned above.

Hazem Fikry
General Manager
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Improving energy generation and supply through offering the best and most efficient installation, operation and maintenance services for various facilities and projects in all its phases, from construction to dismantling, working so that everyone can have affordable renewable energy, and having a leading role in the global energy transition
Clients: To be the best solutions provider, a value-added, reliable and trustworthy partner with whom to grow.
Employees: To be an exciting place to develop as a professional and to feel proud to belong to.
SUPPLIERS: To be an enabling success partner and achieving sustainable growth.
SOCIETY: To have a real impact on the sustainable development of our environment, and to achieve management system committed to efficiency, continuous improvement and compliance with applicable legal requirements.